Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fear-mongers never change

In 1860, conservatives accused Lincoln of being Catholic
In 1940, conservatives accused Roosevelt of being Jewish
Now, conservatives accuse Obama of being Muslim

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dangerous ideas

You can just feel the conservative hatred for liberals and their dangerous ideas building with each word uttered...

Screw the unemployed

Hypocrisy At It's Worst: 40 Senate Republicans Who Filibustered $25 Billion In Benefits For The Unemployed Because It Was "Fiscally Irresponsible" All Voted For Bush Tax Cuts That Will Cost America Over $2 Trillion

It's not just Nevada

The nutcase running for the Senate in Nevada is getting a lot of press for being the most fringe GOPper out there, but she doesn't have a monopoly on unqualified candidate lunacy. Here in 'sconsin, the gazillionaire that got the Republican nod because he pledged to spend his entire fortune to buy Russ's Senate seat actually claims that global climate change exists (what, I thought they weren't allowed to say that) because of ... get this ... sunspots.

Seriously, how deep to the conservatives have to dig to find pieces of work like this?

Drop the tac-nukes now

So, let me get this straight. Bush's appointment to the UN, John Bolton, was an unmitigated disaster. Now fox "news" is reporting, as news, his proclamation that we must have all-out war in the Middle East in a way that would pull Russia into the frey RIGHT NOW.

Yes, John, I know that elections are near and your political masters would like to see ANOTHER disaster launched, but you and your ilk are not in charge now. The world does not need more death and destruction just because it suits a conservative political agenda.

BTW, just in case there's anyone left out there that somehow things that fox is actually a news organization, they just publicly donated a MILLION dollars to Republican gubernatorial candidates. That's in addition to all the propaganda that they push promoting the conservative agenda.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Primer on trickle down

What's even worse than the effect of conservative economics on a country is when they combine it with their nation-building habit.

Iraq Reconstruction money: $8,700,000,000 of $9,100,000,000 (8.7 of 9.1 billion dollars) is unaccounted for by Dept of Defense. (see report 10-020)

Remember when the Republicans said one of the good parts about bombing the Iraqi people is that it would be free, because they would give us their oil money to pay for the war and reconstruction?

Back to the "religious war" to stir the base

Interesting how the proposed Islamic center near the WTC site went by for months, with not a hint of disapproval from conservatives. But once we started getting closer to the election cycle, and the Republican edict was to stir race and religious intolerance, all of a sudden they're outraged.

So, Republicans are all of a sudden against an Islamic center. OK, well what does the "family values" party approve of in that space?

Then again, this is the party that says the US border with Mexico in Arizona is Arizona's business, and the rest of us should ignore it. While they micromanage NYC after letting the actual ground zero remain a pit for Bush's entire administration.

Personally, I'm still trying to understand how former Burlington Coat Factory
locations became "sacred ground". Jon?

oh yea, we did that

Just a reminder - the chief demand of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda was met by the Commander in Chief of the United States. But it's OK, but it was Bush that gave in to their demand.

Another thing that al Qaeda has as its goals is to create divisiveness using religion. Way to support the terrorists, conservatives.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The problem with always blaming Obama

The problem with blaming Obama for everything you don't like ... the truth can be difficult to assimilate

Another shill, looking for a big fox contract?

Dr. Laura - race fires fanned, following the plan. Good job, shill.

I suppose next she'll take the "not a shred of evidence" tack to say she never said what she said. Always a popular option.