Thursday, November 01, 2007

Quick update, from actual leaders

One of the often-repeated talking points from the neocons is that their enemies (that is, anyone that does not agree with their alternate views of reality) don't listen to the experts in the field. Bush is particularly fond of reiterating how he listens to military commanders on military matters. Technically, this is not necessarily a lie, as he might actually be listening instead of daydreaming - hard to tell.

As you can imagine, they repeat this over and over and over because the exact opposite is the actual truth.

From ignoring warnings of the chaos of the invasion's aftermath, to overriding the military plans for troop levels, to ordering massive ammunition dumps to be unguarded, to allowing Iraqi government offices (except the oil ministry) to be ransacked rather than protected - Bush and the rest of the zero-military-experience neocon team overrule generals, and fire the ones that won't take their orders despite the moral paradox.

Once these generals are no longer duty-bound to follow the overriding orders of the President, they can actually share their experiences and expertise with the public that they swore to protect. Here's the assessment of General Sanchez, coalition commander in 2003 and 2004. To sum it up: "a nightmare with no end in sight".