Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The state of American law (early 2000 post)

Laws, law enforcement, judgement and lawyers are all good things, and we have what should be an excellent system in the United States.

However, we've all heard the outrageous stories of some stupid person hurting themselves because they were dumb or clumsy or just plain unlucky. That burden upon society then proceeds to bring a lawsuit against every entity within earshot of the incident, whether or not there was any involvement at all. The only requirement is that the defendant must have the perception of money. The leech then hopes to become filthy rich at the expense of innocents by abusing a loophole-filled court system.

If someone cuts them self shaving, they should not expect to receive millions of dollars from the razor manufacturer, the store where they bought the shaving cream, and the inventor of the twin blade. If someone orders hot coffee, holds it between their legs and then spills it on themselves, they should not expect to become wealthy at the expense of the business that served them the beverage order. If someone breaks into a residence and cuts themselves on the window that they shattered, the courts should not give all of the homeowner's possessions and savings to the thief. If someone rides their bike wearing dark clothes at night without lights and against traffic, the consequential accident should not result in the bicycle manufacturer declaring bankruptcy due to judgement against them. If deranged psychopaths murder innocent people, then the psychopaths are at fault, not the police force. If the whacked out leader of
an apocalyptic cult
causes his followers to be killed, family members are not entitled to over half a billion dollars from U.S. taxpayers. These notions are just plain obscene.

In clear-cut cases of such (attempted) legal blackmail, and only if they're clear-cut, the plaintiff should not only have to pay the legal costs of the defendants, but the prosecuting attourney should be immediately disbarred. The second suggestion is the key, because without it, corrupt lawyers will simply keep rolling the dirty dice until they get lucky and strike gold.

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