Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Surge of Hyprocrisy

Not very long ago, Republicans had complete control of all branches of government. Therefore, Senate Democrats had few real powers to effect Senate actions, but one of those powers was to block, or attempt to block, legislation that they vehemently opposed. Republicans, including the President, declared multiple times that any attempt block votes was unAmerican, obstructionist, partisan, and a great cause for shame.

Now that Democrats have a slim majority in the Senate, the Republican party has embraced the idea of blocking voting, obstructing legislation, and not allowing debate on issues that are contrary to their political agenda. The latest example of this is the non-binding resolution opposing dubya's escalation of the war for oil in Iraq. Most Senate Republicans rallied behind the political marching orders and prevented the issue from even being discussed, much less voted upon. That's right - they are so opposed to open debate and carrying out the will of the people (see last election) that they, without the slightest hesitation, embraced tactics that just months before they decried as unAmerican and shameful.

What is even more telling is that there was one Senator who is running for President, who refused to even vote on this. John McCain has been an outspoken supporter for the war, and expanding the war, so you'd think he'd be first in line to vote against allowing debate on the issue. However, because playing politics and having appearances is more important that doing his job as a Senator, or backing up his own words, or giving his constituents a voice in the senate, McCain did not even bother to vote.

It is truly sad to see someone that once brimmed with such integrity so easily cast aside his conscience and responsibility for a tiny potential political impression. He is sure to be anointed as the GOP's chosen one for '08.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Didn't they hear the voices?

So, with the last election, the voice of the people spoke, and that voice was really tired of the neocon agenda. Think they were listening? They certainly made public statements to that effect that sounded nice. But how are they acting?

The plane that is issued to the Speaker of the House was not capable of flying from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco without refueling. Therefore, the Sergeant at Arms of the House and the Air Force arranged to have a different plane for Speaker Pelosi than was used for Speaker Hastert. Nancy Pelosi did not even know this was in the works, much less request it. But that does not stop the GOP from pushing their talking point that Speaker Pelosi is some type of prima donna that demanded a fancy plane for her private use. These are outright lies, and people should be aware that the Republican propaganda machine, while publicly making nice statements about bipartisanship, is still fully engaged in lying to smear honest people for their own political agenda.

Then there's Washington state. There, the far right has found a new way to discriminate against homosexuals. This time, they're deciding to also attack heterosexual couples who either choose not to have children, or who have difficulty having children despite trying. That's right, the conservatives are not just trying to get further into the private lives and bedrooms of the US citizenry, they want to see physical proof of intercourse in order to "protect" us all from homosexuality and heterosexuals who do not or cannot have children. This perverted organization of conservatives is pushing an agenda to prevent or forcibly annul marriage between all people unless they are man and woman who successfully produce children. They want it to be LAW. A summary of the ramifications of this conservative agenda can be found on boingboing.

So much for the public statements about working together for the good of the country. Same old conservative tactics of dirty tricks, attacks, big government, invasion of privacy, and inserting government deeply in to all aspect of your life. Stay vigilant, vote against such agendas.