Friday, April 02, 2010

The lying continues

This time from Lindsay Graham. Again.

"PolitiFact's Truth-O-Meter has deemed the Republican senator's claim totally false"

Graham stated that the student loan reform (which reduces the interest that students pay, and opens the loans up to more students) would cost students MORE. His proof - Republicans offered an amendment to have the government pay for more of the cost of the loan. By that reasoning, I could say that the government should give me a million dollars, and then complain that their refusal cost me a million dollars out of my own pocket.

Just for good measure, another Republican talking point debunked:

I wish President Obama would hold a pres conference to declare that up is up and down is down, just so we could watch the Republicans attack him because clearly up is down and down is up.

In the Bush years, things like federal funding and disaster relief were simply more generous to red states than blue states. Their mantra of "elections have consequences" justified this in conservative minds.

Of course, because they did it, they just assume that everyone does it, and are now complaining loudly that stimulus funding is disproportionately going to "blue states".

Naturally, this is complete fiction. Just another made-up political talking point to get "the base" all riled up.

Keep in mind, Boehner isn't one of their random talk-radio rhetoric-repeaters, he's the GOP House Minority Leader. The top ranking Republican managed to pack a lot of lies and misinformation into a single tweet.

No shame, no integrity, no conscience.


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